Getting Ready for TRFF!

The Rockabilly Fashion Fair is right around the corner. (More info here) How excited are you to see the amazing items that Geek. Gear is coming out with? So far she has given us two releases and the third is just around the corner!

As of today our Karma has sent out two fabulous items for the upcoming TRFF event.

Smokes comes with two versions in each pack, one smoking and one non.
You can choose from 8 different Filter-styles.
Tysm everyone!!
❤ karma

Rock-a-Knucks can be found in 8 different Rockabilly-themed words and with both left and right included in each pak.

Tysm!!! Enjoyyyy
❤ karma

Karma has yet to release her third and final item for The Rockabilly Fashion Fair. I can’t wait to see what it is!

Just thought I would give a shout out to those special bloggers who are working hard and posting Geek. Gear!

Have you blogged your items yet?

(Click on Pictures to go to blogs)

An Adorkable Blog by Rocky Dethly

Be Delicious by Rosalie Ergenthal

Love Kills Slowly by Blackmagic Haven

Pixel Swagger by Abby Lin

Unperfect Me by Ninfa Orsini


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