Paparazzi – New Releases from *LUAS* for SInger Icon Fair & and Geek

Gor-Geous Nightmare

It’s been a busy weekend for me so I have not been able to post or even be on Second Life very much at all, but I am pleased that some amazing new releases for urban are coming soon, both from Luas and also from Geek


I love music in real life, so the Singer Fair is awesome for me. I got these amazing Lady Gaga dresses from Luas I just LOVED them, so I put them with these new headphones from Geek which are really cute. Yes, the whole outfit is Urban which I needed after a busy weekend and drama filled raids on a Monday! Well, sometimes gor, I need a break!


So this whole dress and vibe is colourful and pretty. it’s sexy and a little outrageous, you can tell it was inspired by Lady Gaga for sure! This was made for the Singer Icon Fair and…

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