Geek. Current Events 12/7

۵۵۵ [ geek. ]۵۵۵
gear, body mod, gadgets & hair

Alright! SO.. I know it’s been a while since I’ve sent a notice in the group, HOWEVER….. I’m going to get yall up to date on current events =)

First off… I’ll be spending the next morning getting a new vendor system set up, and anyone in the group will be getting a discount on any item in the mainstore. Cross your fingers it works out smoothly!!
Also, geek. will be branching out in several directions over the next couple months.. Keep an eye out for that!!
Now on to the events!!

The Rack -Only for 24 Hours before it goes up to normal price
Go Here—->Geek. New Release Entrance

l33t poster the rack

Perfect Wardrobe

Go Here—->Perfect Wardrobe

Best Fort Ever Perfect Wardrobe

The Azz Show
Go Here—->The Azz Show

Sledgenoob Azz Show

The Boobies Show
Go Here—->The Boobies Show


The Main Event
Go Here—->The Main Event

Hotspot Wired - Main Event

Go Here—->Geek. Mainstore


Winter Trend
Go Here—->Winter Trend

Winter Trend


Winter Trend – Gacha

Winter Trend Gacha

Suicide Dollz
Go Here—->Suicide Dollz

Monster - Suicide Dollz

Fantasy Collective (Exclusive to this event only for 6 months after event has ended)
Go Here—-> Fantasy Collective

Fail - Fantasy Collective

Please add Geek. and Karma on facebook and flickr if you haven’t already!



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