LOTD4 – Final Fantasy

LOTD4 - Final Fantasy

Recently (a couple months back), a photographer/artist I’ve always secretly admired randomely IMed me to chat while we were both at the Azz Show and after we connected so easily, she was so awesome and showered me with some tips on my work. =) I didn’t have a TON of time to practice said-tips.. But I was able to a lil bit! And it was a blast.

SO… in the first of a few LOTDs, I wanted to post some items I thought were really fun from the Final Fantasy event.. Isis Zamin – from Zombie Suicide- made these incredibly amazing tentacle earrings that are sooo reminiscent of the Krakken in FF games & other RPG games. It’s one of my favorite items from the Final Fantasy event.

Emmins13 Sygall – from QE Designs – made this shirt/top/belts/panties outfit that just made me grin big. Totally fit in well with what Square normally throws on their girl characters.. Bright colors & all.

Also, I totally forgot I bought these shoes from Flite until I was looking for a pair of boots to wear with my tonk-cargos… Worked perfectly & I’m now in love with them!

And finally, Kreao Kujisawa – with C.C. Kre-ations put out this AMAZINGLY adorable kupo!!! I died and then died again when I started looking through their blogger’s pak. They srsly went all out & I srsly debated on wearing every piece. =)

Okay! On to the credits now that I’ve totally raved.. I was really excited about this event when I was asked to sponsor.. As I’ve said a few times, Final Fantasy was my teething-toy growing up – I was a lil bummed the market wasn’t decorated for a more FF theme but… They did a wonderful job choosing the stores they invited.. So much amazing work. =)



Skin: Essences – Amaterasu *noisette*
Hair: >TRUTH< Demi w/Roots – barbie
Eyebrows: .tsg. Jolie Brown Brow
Hairbase: DeeTalez Shaved Rings

Tee/Tank Combo: [QE] Bad Bitch- Alchemist @ Final Fantasy
Belts: [QE] Bad Bitch- Alchemist @ Final Fantasy
Pants: TonkTastic – B52 Pants
Shoes: FLite.-Voyagers Studded Edition Coffee (was at Project Limited)

Goggles: [geek.] Kai’s Prevention Goggles -Orange-
Earrings: :Z.S: Tentacle Earings V1 @ Final Fantasy
Kupo: {Kupo’ Army} Hug, kupo! .::C.C. Kre-ations::. RARE @ Final Fantasy
Gloves: !2012 DECO – MESH Brawler Gloves (ash)
Wings: *Tentacio* Strampunk wings @ Final Fantasy
Gun & Leg Holster: [QE] Bad Bitch- Alchemist @ Final Fantasy


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