Geekler LOTD5 – Futurewave V.1


So- Futurewave asked me to Sponsor & I’m so glad I did. I’ve met some really neat people & have gotten to sponsor next to some really awesome people I’ve always thought were great stores! Not to mention… What geek DOESN’T love futureistical sci-fi amazingness? *Yes… Totally aware that’s not in the Websters Dictionary… yet.*

Among my favorite of items: Pink Fuel’s ammmmazing Skin. I didn’t even realize she was at the event until Toxx posted about it on FB… Then I HAD to go drool. =)
Also… Graves. EVERYONE knows Graves. I mean… Who doesn’t? Long-time favorite even if Latex isn’t exactly my usual choice of day-time wear.. But during the night-When this geek is out savin mankind from evil mwa-hahas? Yep.. Graves is the place I go to be prepared.

K, onto credits :

Skin: [PF] Sora <Alabaster @ Futurewave *Ty!! ♥*

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Yun Mesh Hair – Flaming cherry *New!*

Eyes: PMD – Era Eyes – 7  @ Futurewave *Ty!! ♥*

Eyebrows: .tsg. Jolie Brow

Lipstick: BF Heavy Metal lipstick – gold @ Futurewave *Ty!! ♥*

Latex Bodysuit: *GRAVES* G460 Velocity – Clear – @ Futurewave *Ty!! ♥*

BionicMask: [geek.] Geek-Trooper BionicMask -Black- @ Futurewave

Hip Candy Belt: [geek.] Hip Candy =Noire=

Ray Gun: GALLACTIC . Ray Gun . Cyan @ Futurewave *Ty!! ♥*

Boots: -DRD- post apoc nerd stompers coal @ Futurewave *Ty!! ♥*




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