Geek. HAIR @ We <3 RP & 100 Block

Okay! SO… Now that I’m caught up on events … for the moment, I’m hoping to be able to keep up to date on this blogging-thing.. The fact I finally figured out how to create a blogroll all on my own on here helped!

So! To start off, I wanted to post about an event that started today.. 100 Block and one that started a few days ago. I’ve been working with hair quite a bit more lately & I’m so happy with the results! If you missed out on We ❤ RP‘s new release, check it out here =)

Leia’s Return is a really cute hairstyle inspired by the princess all of us Geeks love to death *some fap to her in a golden bikini, but ya know* Princess Leia from Star Wars!


For 100 Block, Geek released 2 Exclusives..
Wallflowers Pwn is a really cute bun-style with ‘shy-bangs’.. Inspired by the fact that most shy-girls, while they hang out on the sidelines, will whup your ass with a controller in hand. =) Optional USB Dreads & Shy-Bangs.. Wear with or without if you’re gettin’ brave. =) You’ll love both styles.


USB Dreads can also be found there in 8 different color-schemes.. Wear with any hairstyle to make it geekler-worthy. =)



Don’t forget to check out all the other amazing stores there!! I’ll be trying to get a couple LoTDs done =)
Keep up the good fight!



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