Geek. News & She & Him, MOH4

Okay! So.. I kind of forgot to post about these two events & I really want to keep the blog updated! So…Here goes:

She & Him started on May 25th & will run until June 23rd. I did this super fun Portable Stereo headband. Never be without your tunes!! ❤

Geek. @ She & Him
Find it >here<

Also, for the geeky-men *or the trekkie-girls* Mens Only Hunt 4 has started & you can find this super awesome visor-shades, inspired by Geordie from Star Trek! FREE and in the main store until June 15th.

Mens Only Hunt 4 @ Geek.
Find it >here<

On another note! We ARE buying the house!!! WEWT. SO, as soon as I get caught up on events… I will be putting a sale together in the store & something fun in the form of a new release to help earn some money for my down-payment.. Also Mishi from Blueberry has been so awesome and has something fun planned for you guys also. =)

My very first house after 9 years of renting! We are so super excited about the room we will have & the kids will have to play and explore. ❤

❤ geek.


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