We <3 RP & Thrift Shop 5.0

Hey all!! So.. in the effort of being better at communicating to you all, I figured I should go ahead and post the most recent events that have just started!


“Geek is @ We ❤ RP (started on the 4th) and I wanted to do some super fun sleeves, inspired by one my fave characters in the FF series, Rikku.

Machina Sleeves are all original Rigged mesh that comes in 4 diff sizes.. Wear with or wthout slink hands and can be found in 8 different bright colors.”
We ❤ RP


“I wanted to show you this nifty little set of horns I made inspired by the building blocks we all used to play with as kids =)

If anyone can recognize the lil man on the horns, you’d make my day! lol

Can be found in 8 diff colors & is all original mesh as always.

Ty Poe & Jamie for your help on this one too!! :D”

Thrift Shop


“So I’m sure you all remember titans & imps being a pretty heavy part of our gaming-experience & when we geeked out with nerd-movies.. which ALSO happened to tie into greek mythology! Go figure! =)

Portable Clash is a fun GACHA that I’m so very proud of because it’s the very first of a new level of mesh for me! =) My first project learning a new way of modeling.

Portable Titans can be found in 8 ‘Common’ colors whereas Portable Imps can be found in 5 ‘Rare’ colors and is, as always, all original mesh!”
I have another gacha also for Tales of Fantasy that I will post about soon! =)

Tales of Fantasy Gacha


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